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client: Personal
techology: Photoshop
brief: This drawing is a perfect example of creating something artificial, deadened, when compared to the source of the creativity, which instantiated it. I was too much in control drawing this, kept myself too much 'on leash'.

Too much of a mind, of a controlled perfectionism, too little of aliveness, which constituted the inspiration. The inspiration felt as joy, and beauty, aliveness, tenderness, intimacy - was it's due. But the expression on the canvas, the way i was putting it down .. the many thoughts i pushed it through .. it all added to the superficiality of the final product. 'Doesn't touch your heart much' - so to speak. Still, artistically, it might be of value. Also it expanded me perception on how with different approaches, different results can be achieved - in which way, it has significant value for my self. I gave it another try .. and if you are wondering, then yes! this was supposed to be the same person :).

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