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client: Tina Studio
techology: AS3.0
brief: This online gift token widget was created to allow client to fill in and print out a gift token for her clients. The information supplied can be modified to an extent, which leads to high reusability of the final product (different tokens can be issued).

The main idea was to create a globally accessible gift token, which would be modifiable (up to a point of usability), and after the information was modified, this token could be printed out on A4 papersheet. Multiple copies of the same token could be printed out on the paper sheet. To achieve this feat, i created a user interface to modify the token, and printing functionality, all purely in ActionScript 3. The cross-browser and cross-system flash player capabilities make this product instantly accessible on almost all of todays machines. This product is still in beta stage (has big advantages compared to other approaches that would reproduce the same output), however was put on hold and its functionality wont be extended further, because it already fullfills current client's needs.

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